National Kebab Day is one of the newest holidays to grace the month of July. Started in 2019 and observed upon the second Friday of the month, it’s a celebration of everything related to this savory Mediterranean dish. One of the easiest ways of preparing food, but also one of the most diverse, there are over 20 varieties of kebabs. Each family and geographic location has its own unique version. Usually consisting of meat, vegetables, and various sauces, the dish has become a favorite of foodies everywhere.

When it comes to throwing a party to celebrate someone turning another year older, we tend to adhere to several customs and traditions. Streamers, gifts, and most notably, a cake are the normal items that we usually associate with a birthday party. This year, the United States of America turns 246 years old. Throwing a bash this fourth of July is an excellent way to celebrate another year, but out might run out of room on the cake to put all those candles…

When it comes to developing healthy lifestyle habits, many people have trouble figuring out where to start. They find themselves looking at fad diets or purchasing expensive gym memberships, yet never acclimate their habits to either. If you’re wanting to improve your quality of life, one of the best ways to do so is meal planning. In this day and age, the temptation to order out is stronger than ever, and convenient with just the click of an app. Meal planning can save you money as it improves your lifestyle.